什么是水电? 在美国有很多吗.S? 水电设施只属于联邦所有吗? 这些只是beplay全站app在Beplay世界杯客户端经常被问到的几个问题. Below you will find answers to these 和 many more frequently asked questions.

有许多不同的水力发电技术, 但在基本层面上, 它们都是利用水的力量发电的, 从海浪中, 潮汐, 河流或蓄水池的流量. 在管道项目, 例如, small turbines – the devices that create electricity – are placed into existing infrastructure like irrigation canals. 水流过涡轮机, turning blades which are connected to a shaft that spins a generator 和 generates power that is then sent out to homes 和 businesses through transmission lines.

“水力发电”一词涵盖了各种各样的技术, 从大到小,从旧到新. 最常与这个词联系在一起的是大坝, which store water behind a generating facility 和 harnesses its power through one of many different types of turbines. This type of conventional hydropower project represents the vast majority of U.S. 水力发电. An profusion of new technologies have entered the market or seen major advances in recent years, 包括海浪, 潮汐和水动力(利用水流的力量), 就像风能利用移动的空气一样). For more information on different hydropower technologies, 点击这里.

While these technologies are currently in various stages of research 和 development, 一些早期的商业部署, 行业估计已经盯住了美国.S. 90gw的波势. 仅在佛罗里达, 估计可能有4到10千兆瓦的潜力, 佛罗里达大学的一项研究表明. Other recent reports have pegged the potential of these new technologies at 10% of U.S. 电力需求.

美国.S. 水电行业 is committed to future growth that is sustainable in every way. In the future the 水电行业 will focus on projects that maximize the benefits of our existing infrastructure, 如 adding new, more efficient generating equipment to existing facilities和 为目前没有发电能力的大坝增加发电能力. 其他增长领域包括闭环抽水蓄能系统, which allow for additional renewable generation to be added to the grid, 还有像流体动力学这样的新技术, tidal 和 wave power that have the potential to open up vast amounts of renewable generation for the U.S.

The “fuel” powering hydroelectric facilities is clean, renewable, zero-emission water. Using hydropower avoids 225 million metric tons of carbon pollution in the U.S. each year – equal to the output of approximately 42 million passenger cars. For more information on how hydropower is a America’s largest sustainable energy source, 点击这里.

Beplay世界杯客户端 has long recognized that the future of the 水电行业 is deeply entwined with maintaining ecosystems 和 fish species for future generations. As the 水电行业 has invested heavily in the protection of fish over the past few decades, 实践证明,水电与健康河流是相辅相成的. 在这个过程中, Beplay世界杯客户端 has worked hard to form an important relationship with the NGO community committed to protecting aquatic species. Through compliance with endangered species laws 和 voluntary equipment installation, our hydropower infrastructure continues to grow even more sustainable. To learn more about that commitment 和 the mitigation methods being deployed across the country, 点击这里.

美国.S. 水电行业 could install 60,000 MW of new capacity by 2025 depending on policy changes. That only 15% of the total untapped hydropower resource potential in the U.S., meaning hydropower can remain a growing energy source for decades to come.

Beplay世界杯客户端 supports policies that help lower barriers to developing the incredible potential of our hydropower resources. Beplay世界杯客户端 supports making the regulatory approval process for development more efficient,; recognizing hydropower’s value in our energy policy; tax incentives that encourage private sector investment 和 development in hydropower; 和 R&D支持技术和运营的新进展. To learn more about the 水电行业’s key issues, 点击这里.

美国.S. 有101,000 megawatts of conventional hydropower 和 pumped storage capacity as of 2014, 根据 可持续能源商业委员会. 1mw足够驱动750-1,000 average American homes according to Electric Power Supply Association, that’s enough generating capacity to produce electricity for roughly 75 to 101 million homes.

水电工业目前约占200个,000-300,Navigant Consulting Inc .的一项研究显示,该公司创造了1万个工作岗位.i And 根据 same study, with the right policies, the industry could add 1.4 million new cumulative direct, indirect 和 induced full time equivalents (FTE) jobs by 2025.

根据能源部的统计机构, 能源情报署, 水力发电占美国国土面积的7%.S. electric generation in 2013, representing 52% of renewable generation that year.

根据Navigant Consulting, Inc .最近的一项分析. that compared the levelized cost of power from a number of electricity sources, 水电是最实惠的,价格仅为美元.02 /千瓦时(千瓦时). 水电’s levelized cost – which accounts for an energy-generating system’s lifetime costs 如 initial investment, 操作, maintenance 和 cost of fuel – even beats that of coal-fired power plants 根据 study. 要了解更多beplay全站app水电的可承受性,请点击这里.

beplay全站app的水电资源为全美50个州的家庭和企业提供电力.S. 州. 一些州, 尤其是在太平洋西北部, 他们的大部分电力来自水电资源.  检查 水电行业快照 看看哪里有水电, 潜在的网站, 而供应链公司则分布在全美各地. 点击这里 以下是美国十大水力发电州名单. 为了了解beplay全站app最可利用的可再生资源, 点击这里.

52%的水力发电由填海局拥有, 陆军工程兵团和其他联邦机构, built not only for power generation but also for other benefits 如 water supply, 防洪与航运. The other 48% is owned by private 和 公用事业, municipalities 和 others. 这些所有者中的许多人组成了国家住宅协会的多元化成员. It’s important to note that exp和ing generation on either the public or privately held systems would benefit a long 和 broad supply chain of from turbine manufacturers, 卡车和建筑公司, 工程公司和其他服务提供商.

如今,联邦政府, 通过填海局和陆军工程兵团, operates a total of 133 hydroelectric power plants – representing 8% of the country’s hydroelectric facilities.  另外92%的美国人.S. 水力发电设施由私营部门经营, 公用事业, 以及州政府和地方政府.  根据联邦能源管理委员会(FERC), 监管非联邦项目, 这些实体操作1,美国每个地区都有623个水电设施.S.  除了为所有50个州提供电力, 这些设施也有各种形状和大小, most of them much smaller than the large federal dams that we typically associate with hydropower.  FERC records show that approximately 89% of our non-federal facilities have a capacity of less than 30 MW.